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The 12 Must-have Packing Materials for Moving or Self-Storage

Packing materials for moving or self-storage

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Whether you are moving your things or getting ready to store belongings in self-storage, it’s crucial to get all your packaging materials ready.

Nothing is worse than ending up with scratched furniture, broken cutlery or realizing you don’t have enough supplies on the day of your move.

How you pack your things can make a huge difference! Besides the obvious of being easily transportable, it can protect from breakage, dust, moisture and smell.

I get that you sometimes want to skimp on supplies and just reuse some old boxes and plastic bags, but investing in a few supplies will help you keep everything orderly and make the unpacking process so much easier.  

(For a more detailed post about how to plan for your next move check out our other blog post on moving.)

Here the top packing materials for moving you should keep in mind:

1. Cardboard boxes

A no brainer! For any loose items go for your standard cardboard box. They come in many different sizes, so check that you have the right ones for your things. You can go for ones with more support that are especially made for heavy things like books and electronics. Or special TV or bike sized boxes even (however these tend to be pretty pricey, so we often recommend using moving blankets).

2. Wardrobe boxes

If you don’t want to deal with having to iron all your nicer clothes after moving or storing them, I would highly recommend going for some wardrobe boxes. Check that you are getting the ones you want, there are long ones for dresses and shorter ones for blouses and shirts.

3. Masking Tape

Always have tick tape ready to close your boxes and bags. Even if they claim to be self-closing, go for tape especially on the boxes that are filled to the brim.

4. Thick markers (And Labels if you want)

Label all your boxes using tick black markers with the items inside. If you are moving, make sure to write down in what room you need this box to go.

5. Bubble wrap and/or packing paper

Great for wrapping your cutlery, pots, pans, or picture frames to make sure nothing breaks. If you have extra space in your boxes and no more towels or blankets to fill them up, go for bubble wrap or paper.

6. Plastic Stretch Foil

Stretch foil is great for wrapping around your furniture pieces like desks and wardrobes. The stretch foil will help prevent from bumps and scratches when moving things around and going around corners.

7. Packing Blankets

You can get some recycled packing blankets to protect your furniture especially during the truck transport. You never know if the truck goes over some bumps and if its not super full, things go flying. These are great to keep in the basement after your move for the next time as they are reusable. You can substitute the stretch foil for these in some cases.

8. Foam corner protectors

Paintings, picture frames or even sharp edges are a pain for movers and easily breakable. You can get some foam corner protectors to tape to the edges and keep everything nice and safe.

9. Plastic mattress cover

You don’t want your mattresses getting dirty during your move or self-storage period. Plastic mattress covers are perfect from protecting against this.

10. Plastic couch cover

Same as above, but for your clean beige couch! You can also get smaller ones for your sofas or chairs.

11. Big plastic waste bags

For light pillows and blankets you can also get some regular big waste bags and spare on a few moving boxes (and a bit of cash). You also want waste bags handy as there are always more things you end up sorting out and throwing away during your move.

12. Pro tip: gloves

After moving around a lot of furniture and boxes your hands really start to feel it. If you have some gardening or old gloves lying around, you can use these. Otherwise, you can get them for a couple of euros and feel much more comfortable on moving day!


You can buy all these items in your standard hardware store down the street. Otherwise just go to Amazon and you can get everything delivered to your home.

These things might seem straight forward, but it happens so often that we forget something, and having to run to the store on the day of your move just increases the stress on an already stressful day!

If you are in need of affordable self-storage and live in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mannheim, Karlsruhe or in that region in Germany (soon other cities too!), consider going for SaveSpace. SaveSpace self-storage allows you to easily order the packaging materials you need and delivers them to your home a few days before your pick-up appointment. That way you can spare another trip to the hardware store.

Hopefully you found this valuable and feel ready for your next move or storage! Happy packing!

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