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Moving Checklist: Top 8 tips to prepare for your next move

Moving checklist: top tips to make your move run smoothly

Moving sucks, it just does.

But there are definitely things you can do before your next move to make it run as smoothly as possible.

Here our moving checklist with our top 8 tips if you are asking yourself where to start when moving out.

Before we get into the tips, two quick reminders to stay positive and get excited about your upcoming move.

  1. Remember that moving is one of the best times to declutter and get a renewed oversight of everything you own. We really don’t take many other opportunities to do that! It’s so refreshing to start with a clean and clutter-free slate.
  2. And of course, it’s good to keep in mind the excitement of moving somewhere new, a new apartment, house, city or even country! While the actual move isn’t much fun, what comes after, usually is. 

We don’t always have the luxury of having much time in advance to prepare, but its best to start at least a month in advance to make sure you are ready.

So, let’s get into our moving checklist.

1. Figure out and get clear on all the admin, dates and services you need for your move

We are assuming you know when and where you are moving – this is the most important part. Besides this, you need to get clear about what you need to plan for the move.

Key dates to keep in mind:

  • What date do I need to give my landlord notice that I am moving?
  • What day will I be moving my things out of my current place?
  • What day is the key and apartment return of my current place?
  • When do I get the key to my new place?
  • What day will I be moving my things into my new place?

Next, you need to make a decision about what services you need to plan ahead for:

  • Will I be doing everything myself?
  • Do I want to hire a moving company?
  • Do I need to hire a truck?
  • Do I need self storage in between or after my move?
  • Do I need a cleaning service for my current or new place?
Figure out all the dates related to your move and storage

2. Assess how much you want to move, store, donate, sell or throw away

If you are unsure about whether you need a moving company, self storage or extra support packing, this next step will help you decide.

What’s crucial here is to step back and assess how much you want to move. Go through each room one at a time and make a list that includes five main columns.

  1. To move
  2. To put in self storage (in between moves, or after)
  3. To donate / gift
  4. To sell
  5. To throw away

Once you have gone through all your rooms (P.S. don’t forget your basement), you’ll not only have a better overview of what you need for your move, but it starts to get you in the declutter mindset. This is key before your move. The less you have to move, the less stressful, expensive and time consuming.

(If you are having a hard time de-cluttering or sorting out check out our other blog post on minimalism and downsizing step-by-step.)

Another handy thing is that you realize what you may be missing for your new place. Then you can get on top of ordering anything you need in advance too, furniture can take months to arrive!

Moving Checklist - get organized for your move

3. Book a moving company well in advance, and know what services you need 

If you have decided to book a moving company, do this as soon as possible to try and get the best price.

With a little research you will see there are a ton of moving companies. For example, in Frankfurt, a simple google search will give you dozens of results. So, you will want to take your time and collect some quotes to get the best one.

Before you do this, you need to get clear about the add-ons. A moving company will need to know the dates, the distance between the addresses, how many people you need, if they need to disassemble your things or pack boxes, and how big the truck (or trucks) needs to be.

Some moving companies offer in-person inspections, and others have you send in a video of your place so they can help you assess everything and give you the right quote.

Depending on the services you book, you need to make sure you are ready to do the rest yourself.

You might need to contact some friends to help or book a moving truck separately if you decide not to book professional support for something.

Chose the right moving company

4. Organize self storage if you need it in between or after your move

If your move in and move out days aren’t the same and you need to bridge sometime in between you, need to think about self storage.

This is also the case, if you have anything on your list from step 2 that you want to store as it doesn’t fit into your new place.

If you need self storage in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Darmstadt and many more in this region in Germany you can use SaveSpace. Different from other self storage companies, SaveSpace offers a full-service experience. You simply choose how much storage you need easily online and SaveSpace comes right to your home. When you need your things back again, they are redelivered to your new address in Frankfurt.

If you decide to go for a traditional storage company, you need to make sure that you organize transportation or have your movers drop off your things. And then of course pick them up again. You also need to book well in advance to make sure you get a storage unit that suits your needs (this can be tough at times)

SaveSpace Frankfurt Storage takes the self out of self storage

5. Order all the packing supplies you need both for moving and storage

Even if you are moving with a moving company, you will probably pack-up your personal belongings yourself. That’s why you need to make sure you have all the packaging supplies before your move.

This includes things like:

  • Cardboard moving boxes (regular, wardrobe boxes, TV boxes, bike boxes)
  • Tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Moving blankets
  • Furniture covers (mattress, couch, sofas, chairs)
  • Labels
  • Edge protectors (for sharp edges or picture frames)
  • Plastic stretch foil.

You can either pick up your things at your local hardware store or order your materials online. If you choose to store your things with SaveSpace in Frankfurt, then you can also order packaging material when you book your storage space in the online shop.

Packing supplies for your move

6. Pack up your boxes, suitcases and bags in advance and sell, donate, throw away according to your list

Don’t leave it all until the night before! Of course, you shouldn’t pack up your essentials, but there are many things you can get ready before your move. If you have a large place you can go room by room and neatly start packing your boxes.

This makes it a lot easier to unpack if things are neatly packed, folded and categorized. Remember to put all the heavy things at the bottom of the box and work your way up to the lightest.

The days before your move also make sure that you are on top of the things you don’t want to move with you.

That means you donate what you want to donate, sell what you want to sell and get rid of (or recycle) what you want to get rid of.

Especially selling or gifting your things will take some time. For furniture in Germany ebay kleinanzeigen is great or for clothes Vinted.

7. Label, label, label 

This one really belongs to the prior step but it’s so important we singled it out. Remember to label all your boxes with what is inside and in what room it should go in your new place.

This makes it so much easier for yourself and the movers to place your boxes and furniture pieces where you need them. It will save you a lot of energy and time on move day.

Make your labels super clear and large.

Label all your boxes with a thick marker for your move

8. Make sure your new place is clean

If you can enter your new place before the actual move day, also think about going there and doing a good clean while everything is nice and empty if it isn’t spotless already.

After the move you will need to clean a bit again with so many people going in and out, but it’s great to have done it once before so you can immediately start unpacking. Things like kitchen utensils can already be put away during your move, and you’ll want to make sure all the cupboards and drawers are spotless.


If you follow this checklist of things to do before your next move, it will make it a lot easier! It’s all about being organized and having as much in place as you can because the day will be stressful enough as it is.

You don’t want to be running around buying extra packing materials or moving out things that you could have gotten rid of before your move.

Good luck with your move!

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